stories about making a living from creative work

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More and more, young people are trying to turn their creative projects into careers. Getting this going involves struggle, commitment, and a whole lot of work: every day we’re hustling.

Across six episodes, this podcast spotlights ten young people living in Toronto working in different creative fields: film, fashion, comics, and poetry, just to name a few.

Toronto has the highest rent and one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Canada. But this podcast isn’t just about making it here in Toronto. Creative work is difficult almost anywhere. And it’s especially tough when you’re just starting out.

Our guests work in different creative fields, but what they have in common is this hustle. Pursuing a creative career means juggling artistic and economic demands. It’s a constant balancing act and the road to making a living isn’t always clear.

So, how are young people managing all this? Host Miranda Campbell finds out from our guests.

We can learn a lot from young artists and cultural workers about the process of making a living from creative work. But the products they’re creating are also exciting and innovative. Cultural correspondent Jesse Cumming reviews youth creativity in music, film, visual art, literature, and design.

The podcast is created and hosted by Miranda Campbell, Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Industries at Ryerson University.

Every Day We’re Hustling is funded by the Creative Innovation grant at Ryerson University.

Every Day We’re Hustling is produced by Jesse Cumming. Our program is recorded and edited by Max Cotter, with graphic and web design by Lucy Wowk, and music by Adam Waito. Photography by Karen Young and Chris Beaulieu.