episode 1 : breaking in

The focus of this episode is BREAKING IN to the field of creative work. We’ll discuss the early days when school is done and work isn’t yet lined up. How do you find your own creative voice?  How do you hold down a day job and get your own project up and running?



Walter Scott is an interdisciplinary artist working in writing, video, performance and sculpture. In 2011, Walter started Wendy, a comic book series that follows a young woman who wants to be a famous artist. Throughout the series, Wendy is constantly derailed by the everyday distractions of punk music, parties, and boys.  We talked to Walter just before the release of his new book, Wendy’s Adventures.




Matt Johnson is the co-writer and director of two feature  films, The Dirties and Operation Avalanche. The Dirties was released in 2013 and follows the story of two best friends making a movie about getting revenge on bullies in their high school. Kevin Smith called it “the most important movie you’ll see all year” and released it through his Kevin Smith Movie Club distribution company. Matt’s second film, Operation Avalanche, is a mockumentary about a fake moon landing set it in 1969, and debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016. In his early days, Matt cut his teeth making a web series called Nirvanna the Band the Show, which Vice has rebooted as the first scripted series on their new TV channel.



Cultural Correspondent Segment:

This episode, Jesse discusses the work of Montreal-based filmmaker Ralitsa Doncheva. Ralitsa Doncheva (b. 1987) is a Bulgarian filmmaker and artist, based in Montréal. A graduate from The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montréal, she works at the intersection between cinema and installation art. Her most recent film is Baba Dana Talks to the Wolves (2016).

Ralitsa’s Website | Ralitsa on Vimeo | Ralitsa on Instagram


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