episode three: crewing up

episode three

Young people aren’t just going it alone making a living from creative work. They’re also reaching out to others. Young people feel like they’re in it together. And this means supporting instead of competing with each other. On this episode, we’ll discuss crewing up and working collaboratively. How does running a joint enterprise fit into the individual career?


Humboldt Magnussen

Humboldt Magnussen is the co-founder of Younger than Beyonce Gallery, which opened in 2015. Humboldt is also an interdisciplinary artist who works in painting, performance, and sculpture. He met his YTB co-founder Marjan Verstappen while doing a MFA at the Ontario College of Art and Design. The pair felt that there was a need for more spaces to exclusively feature young and emerging artists, and so the concept for YTB was born.

YTB Gallery’s Website | YTB Gallery on Twitter | YTB Gallery on Instagram

Layne Hinton

Layne Hinton is the co-curator and administrator of Art Spin, alongside Rui Pimenta. Art Spin is a Toronto-based bike tour that takes riders to galleries and art installations. Layne has a BFA from OCAD and her multidisciplinary art practice includes elements of installation, film/video, performance, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and collage. We talked to Layne as Art Spin was gearing up to put on its largest initiative yet, called In/Future, an art and music festival at Ontario Place.

Layne’s Website | Layne on Twitter | Layne on Vimeo | Layne on Instagram
Art Spin’s Website | Art Spin on Twitter | Art Spin on Instagram

Cultural Correspondent Segment: Krista Belle Stewart

Krista Belle Stewart is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in video, photography, textile, and more. She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and is currently an MFA candidate at Bard College in New York. She is a member of the Upper Nicola Band of the Okanagan Nation, and lives and works in Vancouver and Brooklyn.

Krista Belle’s Website | Krista Belle on Twitter

Every Day We’re Hustling is created and hosted by Miranda Campbell, Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Industries at Ryerson University.

Produced by Jesse Cumming

Recorded and edited by Max Cotter

Graphic and web design by Lucy Wowk

Music by Adam Waito

Photography by Karen Young and Chris Beaulieu

Every Day We’re Hustling is funded by the Creative Innovation grant at Ryerson University.


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