episode 4: shifting gears

This episode, we look at SHIFTING GEARS and working in more than one artistic discipline. Many young people have talent and interest in a lot of different creative fields. Making a living from creative work often means diversifying your output.  But this can also mean doubling your workload, and finding your way in different kinds of business realities. How do you shift gears between these different roles? Does personal life even fit into the mix?



Lido Pimienta is a visual artist, illustrator, musician, and mom. Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, Lido now lives and works in Toronto. In addition to balancing art and music in her career,  she’s also an advocate for the fair treatment and compensation of women in the creative industries. Lido hosted a workshop called “Get Your Coin Gurl” at Xpace Cultural Centre in Toronto, instructing a mostly female audience on when to say no to unpaid gigs and how to get paid a fair rate.


Cultural Correspondent Segment:

Jess Taylor is a Toronto writer and poet. She founded The Emerging Writers Reading Series in 2012 and is the fiction editor of Little Brother Magazine. Her first collection of short stories, Pauls, was released by BookThug in 2015.

Jess Taylor’s Website


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