episode five: making space

episode five

A lot of young people today want to work in creative fields. These industries often have a less diverse profile than the labour market as a whole. This episode, we discuss making space through alternative ways of living and creating. How do you carve out new opportunities where they don’t exist? What are young people doing to make the creative industries a more accessible and fair place to earn a living?


Merray Gerges

Merray Gerges is a writer and art critic. As an undergraduate art history student at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, she co-founded Crit Paper, a magazine focused on contemporary criticism.She was the 2016 recipient of the editorial residency at Canadian Art magazine.

CRIT Paper’s Website | Merray on Twitter

April Aliermo

April Aliermo is a musician, writer, and educator. She has played bass in Hooded Fang since 2007. With musical collaborator, Daniel Lee, she’s started Phedre and Tonkapuma, as well as independent label Daps Records. April is committed to demystifying music making and creating accessibility within scenes.

Daps Records’ Website | Daps Records on Bandcamp | Phedre on Twitter | Hooded Fang’s Website

Cultural Correspondent Segment: Heather Kai Smith

Heather Kai Smith is an artist, animator and illustrator from Calgary, AB, Canada, currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. She is currently completing her Master’s of Applied Arts at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Heather’s Website | Heather on Tumblr | Heather on Vimeo

Every Day We’re Hustling is created and hosted by Miranda Campbell, Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Industries at Ryerson University.

Produced by Jesse Cumming
Recorded and edited by Max Cotter
Graphic and web design by Lucy Wowk
Music by Adam Waito
Photography by Karen Young and Chris Beaulieu

Every Day We’re Hustling is funded by the Creative Innovation grant at Ryerson University.


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